What is TikTok’s Email? Here Are All The TikTok Email Adresses

What is TikTok’s Email? Here Are All The TikTok Email Adresses

If you’re an avid TikTok user and have a few questions about the application, you might want to direct your questions to the official TikTok team. Or perhaps you’re dealing with a few issues on your TikTok account? Perhaps you were shadowbanned on the platform, your videos have been under review for a long time, or maybe you’ve had your TikTok videos reported?  In any case, it can definitely be handy to get in touch with TikTok via email or a contact form. In this article, we discuss how to get in touch with TikTok via their email addresses and why they’re using so many different emails.

About TikTok

If you haven’t heard about TikTok, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past few years. TikTok is a relatively new social media platform developed by the Chinese ByteDance where people can post short-form video content.

What is TikTok's Email? Here Are All The TikTok Email Adresses

It’s massively popular and has already amassed more than a billion monthly users worldwide, and that’s not even counting the Chinese version of the app, Douyin. You might also know TikTok by its previous name of Musical.ly, which was most popular with a younger audience. TikTok, however, seems to be breaking through in just about every demographic and is most definitely here to stay.

Have a question for TikTok?

What is TikTok's Email? Here Are All The TikTok Email Adresses

Dealing with questions about TikTok, perhaps about their Testers Program or Rewards Program? Definitely feel free to use one of the TikTok email addresses described below. It’s also more suitable just to send them an email compared to using the built-in contact form in the app, as you’re not having any problems but simply have an inquiry.

What is TikTok’s email address to contact them?

How can I contact TikTok by email, you might ask? Here where things might just get a tad complicated: TikTok actually doesn’t have one email address, but multiple. However, the main address you’ll want to be directing questions and problems to is [email protected]

This is the most-used TikTok email address to contact them.

What is TikTok's Email? Here Are All The TikTok Email Adresses

Dealing with a legal question, specifically? There’s a separate email for that: [email protected]. Aside from questions, you can also request copyright takedowns or copyright appeals over here, perhaps if you believe that your videos were unjustly reported.

Aside from regular questions, TikTok also has separate emails for inquiries about their creator marketplace. They’re split up across different regions, you can find all addresses in the table below. If you’re a professional TikTok user for your business, you’ll want to reach out to [email protected].

Here are TikTok’s email addresses for the United States, Canada, Europe (France, United Kingdom…), Australia, and more:

Email addressPurpose/region
[email protected]Main email
[email protected]Legal questions
[email protected]Business service support
[email protected]Creator marketplace support (US/Canada)
[email protected]Creator marketplace support (EU)
[email protected]Creator marketplace support (Japan)
[email protected]Creator marketplace support (India)
[email protected]Creator marketplace support (other)

Does TikTok actually respond to email addresses?

Yes, even though it might take a little while before they actually respond. TikTok is one of the most popular platforms out there right now, which also means that they’re absolutely overflowed with emails and support tickets. While the support team promises to answer your inquiries as soon as possible, don’t be surprised if you have to wait up to a week until you hear back from a TikTok employee.

Some people on Reddit have had less positive experiences trying to hear back from TikTok:

What is TikTok's Email? Here Are All The TikTok Email Adresses

“My account with 1.3 million followers has been temporarily banned for the longest and it keeps continuing. They haven’t responded back to my twitter dms or support tickets and it’s been a month”


However, someone in the comments noted that by using the legal email address or feedback form, TikTok responded within two weeks.

What is TikTok's Email? Here Are All The TikTok Email Adresses

In other words, it does look like that emailing them is a better idea than using the built-in contact forms (or by contacting them via Twitter), but it can definitely take a little while before they actually respond.

Is it better to use the report a problem form in the app or send TikTok an email?

When you have a general question about or for TikTok, simply send them an email via one of the addresses we’ve described above. It’s best to get in touch with the specific branch of the company you’d like to reach, or just mail [email protected] and add the specific email address in the email CC.

However, if you’re dealing with a problem in the application itself, it’s best to use the built-in support form. This way, the folks over at TikTok will be able to take a look at your profile or at your settings, which could help to identify and resolve any problems you might have.

An alternative to the report form above and the e-mail addresses is the TikTok feedback contact form on their website. You’ll have to leave your email address behind and someone from the team will get back in touch with you, whether you have a question or a problem with your app.

How to use report a problem in the TikTok app

When you open your TikTok app, you’re able to report a program within the app itself and you’ll be notified of any updates over there. Head over to the “Me” tab in the bottom right corner of the app, and tap on the three dots once you’ve visited your profile. Underneath the support tab, you’ll find a report a problem button. Here’s everything you need to do in order:

What is TikTok's Email? Here Are All The TikTok Email Adresses

  1. Press the three buttons at the top right corner of your profile on the “Me” tab
  2. Head over to the Support section, and click Report a Problem
  3. You’ll see a list of all the FAQs that users might have
  4. Is your problem not on the list or do you want to get in touch with TikTok anyway? Choose a topic that is most similar or related to your own problem
  5. Underneath the “Is your problem resolved” prompt, press “No”. If you press “Yes”, the screen will close and you won’t be able to make a report.
  6. Press “I still have a problem” 
  7. Explain your issue and submit your report. You can also attach screenshots and try to explain the issue you’re having in detail in the feedback section
  8. Press Report
  9. Check back later to see if your issue has been updated or resolved by the TikTok team

Does TikTok have a phone number? Can I call TikTok?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that there’s a public telephone number out there that users can reach out to. There are some numbers circulating on the internet, but these are fake. TikTok has never publically released its phone numbers.

Where is TikTok located?

They do have four offices around the world, and their addresses are as follows:

  • United States: 5800 Bristol Parkway, Culver City, CA
  • United Kingdom: One London Wall, Barbican, London
  • Dublin: 10 Earlsfort Terrace, Saint Kevin’s, Ireland
  • Singapore: 1 Raffles Quay, #26-10, South Tower, Singapore


If you want to get in touch with TikTok, you can certainly do so via e-mail. Be sure to check out the full list of email addresses so you address your complaint, question, or issue to the right department. Alternatively, you can also use the feedback form or the report a problem functionality in the TikTok app.

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