What Happens When You Report Someone on TikTok

What Happens When You Report Someone on TikTok

Did you see something on TikTok that’s not supposed to be there? Perhaps you found a video that seems offensive, is violent, infringes on the copyright or intellectual property of someone, or does not comply with the TikTok terms in conditions in any other way. You can always report or flag a TikTok video, but what exactly happens when you report someone on TikTok? The short answer is that TikTok staff and moderators will simply review the video or the person you’ve reported, and will make a decision on what to do with the video afterward.

If the video is suitable for the platform and isn’t illegal or violent in any way, the video will just remain on the app and no further action will be taken. If the video has been rightfully reported, TikTok will remove it and possibly give the user a warning or a ban.

What Happens When You Report Someone on TikTok

What exactly happens when you report a video on TikTok?

It’s important that you give as much information as possible in the report on the app so that the TikTok staff and moderators know what to look for. You’ll know that the report was filed successfully when you receive the following notification on your device:

“Thank you for helping to keep our community safe. You will receive a notification when the review is complete.”

When you report a video, the following steps will be taken:

  1. After you’ve reported a video and filled in the report, it will be sent to someone in TikTok staff
  2. The video will now be ‘under review’. This process can take anywhere between a couple of hours up to a full week, depending on how busy it is.
  3. A TikTok moderator will review the video, and determine if it does indeed violate the community guidelines or the terms of service
  4. A decision will be made, and the video will either be left untouched or will be removed. In some cases, TikTok can also decide to mute the audio of the video and repost it.
  5. You will receive a TikTok notification in the application when the decision has been made, and whether or not the video has been pulled offline

Are you dealing with a video that has been put under review?

What should I do when someone reports my TikTok video? Chances are that someone has reported your video, which has caused the “under review” process. If you’d like to fix this process or if you’re wondering how long TikTok will take before they make a decision, check out our article over here: How long does it take for TikTok to review a video and how to fix it.

How do I report videos, comments, profiles, and DMs on TikTok?

You can report a video by clicking the ‘Share to’ button and tapping Report. If you want to report a profile, head over to their page and Report via the three dots at the top right. You can report comments by tapping and holding the comment. You can also report chat messages (DMs) on the app, simply open up your active conversation and find the Report button via the three-dot menu.

What Happens When You Report Someone on TikTok

Why are some TikTok videos muted?

Sometimes, the music used has been copyrighted and can’t be used in a TikTok video – the moderators will then decide to mute the video so that there’s no more copyright infringement.

Does someone know if you report them on TikTok?

The reporting process on TikTok is one hundred percent anonymous. In other words, the person you’re reporting won’t know who reported them, and there is also no way to discover this. Your privacy during the whole process is maintained, and the people you’re reporting won’t know a thing. If you’re reporting someone on TikTok, it is anonymous. Guaranteed.

How many times do you have to report a TikTok account for it to be banned?

You might be wondering, how many times can you get reported on TikTok? It really depends on the severity of the infringement or violations of the community guidelines. If it’s an account that showed nudity, sexual content, or content that could be dangerous (especially to minors), the TikTok moderators will tend to employ a zero-tolerance policy. One video or one report, and they’re banned from the platform.

For less serious cases, such as showing violence or using copyrighted images, users will likely be warned before any further action is taken. Of course, if TikTokkers repeatedly have their videos reported and they’re breaking the rules, they will also be banned at the second or third strike.

If hundreds of users are mass-reporting your profile or your content, TikTok will likely take an automatic decision and ban or suspend you from the platform, but you can always appeal this if you believe your content has a right to be on the app and the reports were false.

What Happens When You Report Someone on TikTok

Is my TikTok video shadowbanned after being under review?

Sometimes, the visibility of a video that was put under review has been decreased by the TikTok team – another term for this is ‘shadowbanning’. When your profile or your video has been shadowbanned, you can still find it on the application, but the for you algorithm is adjusted and the video won’t show up as much in others’ feeds if it even shows up at all. This is usually the case when moderators determine that the video does not 100% comply with the terms of service and community guidelines, but the content is not severe enough to delete from the platform.

How do I take back or undo a report on TikTok?

Did you report someone on TikTok, but was it actually a mistake? Don’t worry, we all make errors once in a while and nothing serious will happen. If you report a video, profile, or comment, there is currently no way to undo that report. This means that the Tiktok moderators will still review the content, but their investigations are usually just and thorough. If the report was truly erroneous, TikTok should give the video a green light and there’s nothing to worry about.

How do I get someone’s TikTok video deleted?

The best option you have if you want someone TikTok’s video deleted (for a plethora of reasons, invasion of your privacy, being offensive, if the video violates the community standards, etc.), is to file a report as detailed as possible. Definitely make sure that you write down all of your concerns in a clear and concise manner, as your comments will most definitely be read by the moderators. Just make an appeal, and chances are that the unwanted video from TikTok will be removed shortly. You could also try to contact the video creator yourself, although you won’t be anonymous anymore. Reporting to TikTok is the safer and more efficient option.

When you report copyright issues or fake accounts on TikTok, chances are that these will be dealt with rather quickly. A lot of regional and international laws (such as the strict GDPR rules in Europe) mandate that copyright infringement needs to be dealt with in a timely manner, so these will probably take priority. Reporting fake accounts on TikTok will almost always result in the deletion of that account since these fake accounts are very obvious to the moderators.

As of July 2021, TikTok has an automatic reporting system in place to battle nudity and prohibited content on the platform. These are AI-automated systems and will delete videos automatically without the need for human intervention.


When you report someone on TikTok, the user won’t know that you’ve reported them and it will be sent to TikTok to be put under review. After a few days, you should receive a notification with the results of the review process, and if the video/profile/comment in question has been deleted or not thanks to your report.

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