What Are TikTok Rewards And How Can You Start Earning Them?

What Are TikTok Rewards And How Can You Start Earning Them?

There is no denying it: TikTok is everywhere. The app, made by the Chinese developer ByteDance, has taken over the entire social media world and is expected to have over a billion active users on the platform – and that doesn’t even include the massive amount of users in China. The app is known for its short-form video content ranging from a couple of seconds to even three full minutes, and is wildly popular, especially with the younger audience. Some people are even calling it the app that will replace Instagram one day.

What Are TikTok Rewards And How Can You Start Earning Them?

Of course, TikTok has taken a lot of steps to even amass so much growth. Getting over a billion users on your platform is anything but an easy task, and it appears that TikTok wants to grow even further. That’s why they’ve introduced something called TikTok Rewards to a couple of its users. When users are active on the platform or share it with their friends and family, they get a few rewards to sweeten the deal. The more users you can get on the platform, the bigger your reward becomes.

What exactly is TikTok Rewards? Here’s the full explanation:

In short, TikTok Rewards is a way for the app to give something back to its users who promote the app amongst their friends and family and are active on TikTok. They’re not paying these users with money, but rather, with TikTok reward points. You can amass as many reward points as you like, and you can even earn these daily if you’d like.

It’s basically a win-win situation for TikTok and the users. TikTok is happy that users are active on the platform and refer the app to their friends, while everyone who is using the Rewards functionality gets to save up a few dollars worth of gifts.

What Are TikTok Rewards And How Can You Start Earning Them?

It’s a growth strategy that is often used when it comes to digital or social media companies: it’s probably the main reason why cloud storage platform Dropbox has become so popular, for example. Every user who invited another user gained a little bit of extra storage space. Referral programs have existed for dozens of years, and it’s definitely not a new practice. While TikTok isn’t exactly able to do that, it can give you these fancy reward points on your profile.

Is TikTok Rewards real?

In a way, TikTok Reward Points is sort of a virtual currency that has actual value – TikTok has partnered with a couple of popular brands around the world to cash in those reward points for gift cards of your choice. You can check out all the options to cash in below. So yes, TikTok Rewards is definitely real and not some kind of hoax, but you do need to activate the rewards feature as it is not available right from the start.

Still not convinced? Here’s the legal page discussing TikTok Rewards on their official website.

What Are TikTok Rewards And How Can You Start Earning Them?

How can you sign up for TikTok Rewards?

Signing up for TikTok Rewards is ridiculously easy and will only take a couple of seconds. Here’s how you can easily access the rewards page.

  1. Access the ‘Me’ page in the bottom right of the app
  2. Click on the blue star at the top of your screen and you’ll be redirected to the rewards page

Can’t find the blue TikTok Rewards star on your profile? No worries – there’s a quick fix for that.

  1. Go to the Search page on the Discover tab
  2. Enter “rewards” and you should be able to see the star in your profile now, just follow the steps above

Is TikTok Rewards available in my country?

TikTok Rewards is widely accessible, but unfortunately, isn’t active in every country. In my own home country of Belgium, for example, TikTok Rewards has not been implemented (yet). At this time, they mainly focus on gaining more users in the United States, although it’s certainly not unthinkable that they will extend the program to other countries including Canada, most of Europe, India, and more.

What Are TikTok Rewards And How Can You Start Earning Them?

How can you earn TikTok Rewards and how many points do you get?

Aha, perhaps the most important question of all – of course, you’d like to know just how many reward points you can earn and what you’ll have to do for it. Let’s start with the basics.

One of the easiest ways to gain points is to refer a friend. You can use your own referral code or referral link (you’ll be able to see it when you sign up for the rewards program). Whenever someone joins TikTok using your unique code or link, you’ll receive a whopping 1000 points.

Another way to earn points is to create and upload a video. If you shoot a TikTok and publish it, you’ll receive 100 points. Note that you can only do this once a day to avoid abuse.

What Are TikTok Rewards And How Can You Start Earning Them?

Liking a video will net you 10 points. This one is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require much explanation. You can do this once a day.

Another daily method to earn 10 points is to share the campaign homepage of TikTok Rewards via the Share button. You don’t actually have to share it, just go back to the home screen and you’ll have ten extra points.

How much are TikTok reward points in dollars?

$1 (USD) equals 200 TikTok Rewards points. Or in other words, every hundred points lands you points that are worth fifty cents. Not too shabby, eh?

For every person you refer, that means you get $5. And if you do all of the daily tasks above (120 points in total), you’re looking at 60 cents every day or $4.20 every week. That’s pretty much a free coffee each week just for being on TikTok!

Which gift cards are available to redeem?

There are several brands available in the TikTok Rewards section, and there’s definitely something in there for you. Whether you like shopping, food, coffee, or free cab rides – you’ll probably find a lot of useful things on here.

Just to be clear: 1000 TikTok points get you a $5 gift card, 2000 TikTok points get you a $10 gift card and the $15 gift cards are available to redeem for 3000 points.

Available gift cards:

  • Starbucks
  • Uber
  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • AMC
  • Target
  • Burget King
  • Ulta
  • Atom

and probably more! The section is constantly updated with new additions.

What’s the catch? TikTok Rewards negatives and caveats

You might be wondering, isn’t this too good to be true? Getting cash rewards just for being on my favorite app?

What Are TikTok Rewards And How Can You Start Earning Them?

Well, you might be on to something, but it’s definitely not a permanent issue. Sometimes, the gift cards aren’t always in stock, meaning you’ll have to wait a bit longer to redeem your points for gift cards. Of course, the gift cards do get replenished, but there’s a possibility that you’re going to have to wait a few weeks until you can actually cash in. Plenty of people on Reddit have complained about this, but once the cards are in stock, they work perfectly as expected.

Is TikTok Rewards the same thing as TikTok Testers?

These two programs are actually completely separate things. While Rewards wants users to share TikTok and be active on the app, TikTok Testers is actually some kind of beta program people can sign up for. Testers aren’t being paid for beta-testing, although they do get to try out all the new stuff and cool upcoming features first. Want to know more about TikTok Testers? Be sure to read our dedicated article in the link above.


A lot of people don’t even know about it, but TikTok Rewards is a real thing and can definitely be useful for a lot of users. You can definitely earn a couple of bucks every week simply for using the app, and you’ll receive even more reward points if you refer your friends and family to the app. You get some cool gift cards, and TikTok gets a bigger audience – it’s a win for both sides.

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