What Are Reddit Coins & What Can You Do With Them?

What Are Reddit Coins & What Can You Do With Them?

If you’ve taken a look at everything that the Reddit Premium subscription has to offer, you’ve probably already come across something called Reddit Coins. In short, this is a virtual currency that you can use on the online platform Reddit to give other Redditors special awards.

Saw a great or entertaining post on Reddit? With Reddit Coins and the awards you buy, you can now show a token of appreciation to that user.

What Are Reddit Coins & What Can You Do With Them?
Source: reddit.com/coins

This also works for comments or live video broadcasts! Additionally, some rewards actually come with the added benefit of getting Reddit Premium as well.

The team at Reddit does its best to keep the awards fresh and exciting to make the website a fun place. Let’s take an in-depth look at everything that Reddit Coins have to offer.

What Are Reddit Coins And What Are They For?

Reddit Coins were introduced as a way to support Reddit and its users (called Redditors).

Since the website heavily relies on user-generated content, Reddit thought it would be a good idea if there was a way for users to show their appreciation whenever they came across something cool or interesting on the website.

That’s why Reddit Awards – and sometime later also Reddit Coins – were introduced.

What Are Reddit Coins & What Can You Do With Them?
Source: reddit.com

You might have already seen the sentence “thanks for the gold, kind stranger!” show up if you’ve browsed your favorite subreddits, and this is an example of someone using Reddit Coins to buy someone else an award.

If you’ve been on Reddit for a long time, you also might have heard about Reddit Creddits. Coins are basically the new and updated version of the old Creddits.

Everyone who owned Creddits in the past has received double the actual monetary value of those Creddits in Coins.

Can You Spend Reddit Coins Yourself And Give Yourself Awards?

Even though it’s tempting to think about giving these awards to yourself (and the added benefit that comes with them, as some actually get you a free period of Reddit Premium), it actually isn’t possible to give yourself an award.

You’ll notice that the “Award” button is available on every post and comment, but not on the ones that you’ve created.

What Are Reddit Coins & What Can You Do With Them?
Source: Reddit.com

Theoretically, you could create another Reddit account – Reddit is pretty anonymous anyway, so there’s nothing stopping you – and spend your Reddit Coins on your alternate account, but that is heavily, heavily frowned upon, and potentially against Reddit’s terms and conditions. Tread carefully if you’re planning to do this.

And if you’re looking for a way to get cheaper Reddit Premium, why not try to get it for free first?

You can always check the balance of your Reddit Coins when you click your username, and then head over to the “My Coins” section.

Are Reddit Coins Worth Spending Money On?

It depends, really. If you’re a giving person and want to give back to the community, by all means, you’ll probably be happy with a purchase of Reddit coins.

However, if you just want to browse Reddit, there’s not really a need to get a bunch of these coins to give to others.

What Are Reddit Coins & What Can You Do With Them?
Example of a post that received many awards. Source: reddit.com

For avid users of the website, however, we can imagine that the coins are a very cool and fun feature. Most people would probably be better off with a Reddit Premium subscription, which brings us to our next point:

Do You Get Free Coins With Reddit Premium?

Yes, absolutely! Every month that you’re subscribed to Reddit Premium, the paid subscription service of the site, you’ll actually receive no less than 700 coins.

What Are Reddit Coins & What Can You Do With Them?
Source: reddit.com/premium

If you’d have to pay for this with real money, you’d spend around two dollars depending on which amount of coins you buy, as there is a bulk discount (see below).

For a lot of people, the free coins are a major reason why they stay subscribed to Reddit Premium and make it worth it.

Can You Buy Avatar Gear With Reddit Coins?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to purchase additional avatar gear for your customizable Reddit character with coins. The only thing you can buy with them is awards.

What Are Reddit Coins & What Can You Do With Them?
Source: reddit.com

It would be a pretty cool idea though, and there’s a chance that this could be implemented in the future.

What Awards Can You Buy With Reddit Coins?

700 coins get you a gold award and two silver awards, or a little piece of that shiny and precious Platinum Award on Reddit.

What Are Reddit Coins & What Can You Do With Them?
Source: reddit.com/coins

Of course, these are the most basic awards on Reddit (actually called medals), and there are a ton of other ones that you can choose from. The wholesome award is another popular example that is usually handed out to feel-good and uplifting posts.

What Are Reddit Coins & What Can You Do With Them?
Source: reddit.com

Some of them are locked away behind the Premium subscription (and these are usually the flashy and fancy ones), but there are still a ton of options to choose from, with prices ranging from 10 coins all the way up to 50,000 coins.

Some Awards come with special features, such as giving coins to the author or giving them a week of ad-free browsing, something that is usually reserved for Premium members.

What Are Reddit Coins & What Can You Do With Them?
Source: reddit.com

As you can see, there are a bunch of awards that feature Snoo, Reddit’s adorable alien logo, and mascot.

Feel free to hop onto Reddit and see all of the awards for yourself!

Can You Cash Out Reddit Coins Or Convert Them Into Real Money?

No, it is not possible to ‘cash out’ your Reddit Coins or sell them for any monetary value. Once they’re bought, you can only use them on Reddit and can’t convert them back into real money anymore.

Can You Transfer Reddit Coins To Another Account?

Unfortunately, it’s also not possible to transfer your available coins to a friend’s account or your alternate account. Coins stay on the account that they’re purchased on.

How Can You Get Reddit Coins For Free?

It’s definitely possible to get some Reddit Coins for free! The main thing you can do is try and get an award yourself – post some great or entertaining content in your favorite subreddits, and maybe another Redditor will pass by and give you an award for your efforts.

Red White and Black Labeled Box

Additionally, you can also try to get awarded by completing fun challenges in specific subreddits. We’ll tell you all about it in our separate article on how to get Reddit Premium for free.

Since Premium automatically comes with included Reddit Coins, you’re golden!

Does Upvoting Or Being Upvoted Give You Reddit Coins?

Unfortunately, you can’t just get Reddit coins by upvoting other posts (or having your posts upvoted by someone else). You really need to be awarded Reddit Gold or Reddit Platinum (or higher, of course, but those awards are used very sparingly) before you get any coins for your posts.

How Much Do Reddit Coins Cost?

Well, it actually depends on the amount you’re trying to purchase. The most common option of 1,800 coins will cost you $5.99 USD (or the equivalent in your local currency), while 500 coins will cost you $1.99.

What Are Reddit Coins & What Can You Do With Them?
Source: reddit.com/coins

This goes all the way up to a staggering 82,000 coins for $199.99, which is a 63% bonus compared to the smallest option. That’s enough to give 45 Platinum Awards and the only package that will give you enough coins to buy the Ternion All-Powerful Award, the most expensive award on Reddit.

The pricing does remind us of in-game microtransaction currency in games such as Fortnite, for example. You can check out all available options on the specific purchase page.


If you’re feeling generous, you’ll probably like the idea of buying Reddit coins and awarding the great content made by other Redditors. There are a ton of awards to choose from and many people say it makes Reddit a more fun place. Do keep in mind, however, that once you’ve purchased Reddit coins, you can not exchange them for real money or transfer them to another Reddit account.

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