Vinted Fee Calculator 2022 – Buyer Protection Costs

Vinted Fee Calculator 2022 – Buyer Protection Costs

Do you want to sell an item on Vinted, but you’re not exactly sure how much your customers will pay?

Or perhaps you’ve found yourself a cool piece of clothing on the platform, but you’re unsure what additional fees (except for shipping) you’ll have to pay?


With our easy-to-use Vinted fees calculator above, you’ll quickly get an overview of the platform’s cut. This fee is the so-called “Buyer’s Protection” fee, which ensures guaranteed a safe transaction and order on Vinted for every buyer. 

What are the Buyer Protection fees on Vinted?

On Vinted, a popular place to sell your secondhand clothing, anyone who is interested in purchasing a piece of clothing will have to pay a mandatory Buyer Protection fee.

The buyer protection fee on Vinted is not optional – everyone who purchases an item will have to pay the fee.

Vinted Fee Calculator 2022 - Buyer Protection Costs

So how much of a percentage does Vinted take? In every country where Vinted is active (UK, US, Europe, Canada), this Buyer Protection fee consists of 5% of the listing price (this does not include shipping or taxes) as well as a flat amount of 70 cents. 

Simply input the item price in the calculator above, and you’ll quickly see the total fee amount as well as the total price a buyer will have to pay.

Who pays Vinted fees, the buyer or the seller?

Vinted Fee Calculator 2022 - Buyer Protection Costs

The buyer always pays the fee, hence – the buyer Protection fee. On Vinted’s support website, they proudly claim that Vinted does not have any fees for its sellers. 

There are no selling fees for Vinted in the UK, US, Europe, and Canada – but there is a fee for buyers.

In other words, it’s completely free to post your items on Vinted – the buyer will have to take care of all the additional costs.

Is Vinted really free?

Vinted Fee Calculator 2022 - Buyer Protection Costs

Even though there are no selling fees on Vinted, you can also decide to promote your items as a seller, and this isn’t free.

An ‘item bump’ on Vinted usually costs around a dollar (or a Euro, if you’re in one of the European countries). This isn’t necessary though, and all this paid item bump will do is put your listing at the top of the results again.

You can bump an item for free on Vinted, simply by deleting and listing the article again. However, this comes with the caveat of users who ‘liked’ your listing who won’t be able to find it anymore.

Who pays for postage on Vinted?

Just like with the regular fees, Vinted wants to make sure that the sellers get the maximum amount of money for their items.

Therefore, the buyer will always have to pay for postage on the reselling website. Creating tracking labels is done on the website or in the application and isn’t time-consuming at all, making it easy and quick to sell your secondhand clothing there.

Man Wearing Face Mask Standing Near Vehicle Door with Brown Carton Boxes

In some countries, Vinted has partnerships with some less known, but cheaper postal services.

In Dutch-speaking parts of Europe, for example, you can send your packages via Homerr, a cheap, eco-friendly (but quite slow) package delivery service.

Mondial Relay is another popular option, which is often cheaper than the regular and more traditional services (La Poste, USPS, DHL, UPS…)

Is there also Vinted seller protection?

Vinted does seem to promote its buyer protection service almost every opportunity it gets, but what about the sellers – are they protected as well?

Vinted Fee Calculator 2022 - Buyer Protection Costs

Generally, sellers do have some protection on Vinted – as long as they use the built-in shipping options (with tracking). If you’ve got a tracking number, you can prove that you’ve sent the package. 

To avoid discussion, always send your orders with a tracking code.

Is the buyer unresponsive after you’ve sent the package? No worries – after a couple of days, Vinted will automatically release the funds to the seller and assume the item was sent correctly.

Generally, Vinted is considered to be a safe platform, both for buyers and sellers

What are the package size options when sending an item through Vinted?

assorted apparels

When you’ve sold a piece of clothing on Vinted and need to send it to the buyer, you’ll have to choose between three package sizes.

Here’s a small overview:

Small (< 1.0 lbs): The small package size is perfect for compact items (video games, belts, shirts, scarves, pillowcases, accessories…)

Medium (< 2.0 lbs): When you need to send something heavier, the medium size is the way to go. Books, towels, sweaters, bags, pants, and jeans will probably fit into this category.

Large (< 5.0 lbs): Pretty much anything else that is heavier than two pounds (about a kg) will have to be sent with a large shipping label. Shoes, multiple pieces of clothing, coats, large bags, backpacks…

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