This Is The Best Time To Post On Reddit For More Views (2022)

This Is The Best Time To Post On Reddit For More Views (2022)

Just like with Instagram or Facebook, the timing of a Reddit post is actually pretty important. You’ll have to adjust the timing of your submissions based on timezones and other crucial factors if you want to get the most amount of views and updates on Reddit.

In other words, if you want your posts to have a lot of activity, you’ll want to make sure that you post during the ‘correct’ and more popular times.

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After all, it would be a shame if your post that you’ve spent precious time making only gets a few upvotes when it could be hundreds or more?

What are the best times to post on Reddit?

Generally, you’ll want to post on Mondays or on the weekend if you want your posts to have the most amount of traffic.

On a Monday, the first day of work or school for most, Reddit gets checked out a little bit more often. Post between 6 AM and 9 AM for the best results at the start of the week (US CT, add six hours for GMT).

On Saturdays, people tend to sleep a little bit longer. Aim for posts between 7 AM and 9 AM.

And of course, Sundays are a little bit more relaxed. There are a lot of Redditors online as it’s usually a day off. The window here is a little bit more generous, make sure to make it between 8 AM and 12 PM. For the GMT folks, that’s between 2 PM and 8 PM.

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Out of these three days, Sunday is the best time to post on Reddit with the highest percentage of upvotes and views.

Not sure how these times correspond to your own time zone? You can use WorldTimeBuddy to get your local equivalent.

How can you figure out what the best times to post are on Reddit?

You might be wondering – how the heck can you possibly know that these are the best times to post on the so-called front page of the internet? Even though Reddit is generally anonymous, there’s still a ton of interesting data to be found.

Well, first of all, Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays do make a lot of sense – it also corresponds with the amount of traffic Reddit is getting which can be measured through independent analytics.

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Those same analytics will show you that the majority of people who visit Reddit are from the United States, followed by other English-speaking countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom.

If you want your post to stand out and get the most amount of views possible – you’re going to have to tailor it to a mostly US audience.

But you don’t have to take our word for it – there’s a Redditor out there who has performed statistical research by analyzing tens of thousands of Reddit posts.

The data scientist Mac Candocia – better known under his Reddit name “antirabbit” – has published his interesting results in his own blog post over here.

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We won’t even try to understand all the logistic and linear regression tests Candocia performed on tens of thousands of Reddit posts, but the conclusion is pretty simple:

The best times to post on Reddit are Mondays 6 – 9 AM, Saturdays 7 – 9 AM, and Sundays 9 – 12 PM.

“When estimating each of these values, I used elastic net regularization in tandem with logistic and linear regression. In layman’s terms, each subreddit, domain, and time of day had a specific score/weight that it adds to a prediction (that’s regression), and the regularization shrinks the sizes of the weights down a bit to avoid overfitting, which is the statistics equivalent of playing connect-the-dots.” – Max Candocia

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are fewer people who post the first thing in the morning on a Monday (but a lot of viewers) – meaning there’s less competition for your post.

Interestingly enough, Max – or “antirabbit” posted his findings in the /r/dataisbeautiful subreddit between 6 – 8 AM on a Sunday, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed:

This Is The Best Time To Post On Reddit For More Views (2022)
Source: r/dataisbeautiful

Posting on the weekend is key

Even though it’s reasonable to assume that Reddit is most popular during the week, the best time to get the most activity is clearly during the weekends.

Reddit is easy to browse and to digest for a few minutes (at least if it’s not down or loading very slowly), but people really have a ton of time at their disposal during the weekends, instead of a quick fifteen-minute break during work or school.

In other words, if you want upvotes, reads, comments, or even discussions going on, be sure to keep the above time zones in mind.

It definitely wouldn’t hurt to post at your earliest convenience, in the hopes of starting a discussion (which is really good for the views of your Reddit post as well). Even if the discussion in the comments turns mean and toxic, your post will be seen by a lot of Redditors.

However, that doesn’t mean that weekdays aren’t good days for Reddit – in fact, some of the site traffic reaches a peak during the weekdays.

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When are the peak hours for Reddit?

If we take a look at the data visualization, we can clearly see that the peak hours of Reddit in terms of visitors are anywhere between 7 and 10 AM CST (8 and 11 AM EST) – even during the weekdays.

If you simply can’t wait until the weekend to post, keeping this time period into account is the second best thing you can do.

How does Later for Reddit work to schedule posts?

Later for Reddit is a handy tool that’s available to all Reddit users and it basically lets you schedule a post to your favorite subreddit automatically, and the tool picks the most optimal time to post for the best engagement and the most views.

This Is The Best Time To Post On Reddit For More Views (2022)
Source: Later for Reddit

They even have a great subreddit top post analysis tool that you can use to gain some insights into what the best times are to post on a specific subreddit.

The times and days mentioned above are an average for the entire website, so it might be a little bit different if you’re catering to a specific subreddit.

This Is The Best Time To Post On Reddit For More Views (2022)

For example, if you want to post in the subreddit /r/belgium or r/france, you obviously won’t want to focus on US timezones, but rather EU ones. The same applies to the United Kingdom.

In any case, Later for Reddit can handle this for you automatically (up to five posts for free, then it turns into a paid service), but it’s totally safe and easy to use.


If you want to post something on Reddit and want to get the most views and activity, it’s best to post during the morning on Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Since most of Reddit’s audience comes from the United States, you should also cater your timing to a US timezone. However, keep in mind that these optimal times and days may differ per subreddit.

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