Two Legit Ways To Get Reddit Premium For Free (2022)

Two Legit Ways To Get Reddit Premium For Free (2022)

Even though Reddit is mostly a free platform supported with ads, there is also a premium tier of Reddit which has some nifty benefits and exclusive features. Reddit Premium is available in monthly and yearly paid subscriptions, but how do you get Reddit Premium for free? Luckily, there are some legitimate ways to have all the subscription benefits without paying for them.

Curious? Let’s find out how!

What exactly is Reddit Premium?

Reddit Premium was introduced to its users as a sort of VIP subscription, giving exclusive access to new features, giving them a monthly supply of 700 Reddit coins, and the added benefit of knowing you’re supporting one of your favorite websites.

Two Legit Ways To Get Reddit Premium For Free (2022)
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You’ll also get ad-free browsing as well as some exclusive gear to make your own Reddit Snoo avatar. There are also ways to block Reddit Ads for free, although they aren’t perfect and you’ll still need Premium to block ads in the app. If there are no ads, the website will also be a little bit quicker to load – perfect if Reddit is having some slowdowns.

If you use the mobile Reddit app, you’ll also be able to choose from a couple of new custom app icons.

Lastly, being a Reddit Premium member also gives you access to the ‘Members Lounge’, an exclusive place only for paid subscribers.

According to Reddit myths and urban legends, this is where all of the secrets of the Illuminati are revealed. 😉

In short, paying for Reddit Premium might be worth it if you use the website often. Not a necessity, of course, but most certainly a nice-to-have.

How much does Reddit Premium cost (yearly)?

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As the name suggests, Reddit Premium is a paid service. In the United States, you’ll pay just under six dollars a month (5.99 USD) for a monthly subscription, and there’s also a 30% yearly discount which totals $49.99 per year of Reddit Premium.

Be warned, however, because subscriptions automatically renew. Be sure to disable renewals or cancel your Reddit Premium early if you don’t want this to happen.

You can buy a subscription via the dedicated Premium page on Reddit or via the Reddit app.

How to get Reddit Premium for free?

Two Legit Ways To Get Reddit Premium For Free (2022)

Reddit Premium definitely is very cool to have, especially if you frequently visit the website, but we also understand that a monthly fee may be a bit too much to have access to Reddit.

After all, it’s yet another monthly fee you’ll have to worry about, and you could argue that this one is a little less useful than a music or tv subscription, for example.

However, there are legit ways to get Reddit Premium for free, and we’ll discuss them below.

Get Reddit Premium for free by posting great posts or comments

Did you know that you can actually get Reddit Premium for free, simply by using Reddit?

It’s a little bit more complicated than that, we admit – but that’s pretty much the basics.

By creating excellent posts and/or comments in your favorite subreddits, other Redditors will tend to reward you with gifts.

Two Legit Ways To Get Reddit Premium For Free (2022)
An example of a comment that received a gold award.

(Just think about it, how many times have you read “thanks for the gold, stranger” on there?)

When someone gives you a gold award, you will also be gifted one week of Reddit Premium.

If you receive even more valuable awards, you’ll get a longer Premium subscription for free.

For example, if you receive a Platinum award for your Reddit post or comment, you’ll get a month of free Reddit Premium.

PS: It’s a good idea to post on Reddit during specific times to get more viewers, engagement, and the most chance to get free awards!

You can check the overview of awards and their gifted Reddit Premium subscription times below:

Award typeDuration of Reddit Premium giftedPrice of award
Reddit Gold Award1 week$1.99
Reddit Platinum Award1 month$5.99
Reddit Argentium Award3 months$59.99
Reddit Ternion All-Powerful Award6 months$119.99

Of course, Reddit Argentium and Ternion Awards are quite rare – but Gold and Platinum awards are definitely handed out on a regular basis.

By posting a lot of great content, you can definitely earn yourself some considerable amounts of Reddit Premium for free. It’s most certainly not unheard of!

Get Reddit Premium for free by completing challenges

The second step involves browsing one of the subreddits called r/GoForGold.

Two Legit Ways To Get Reddit Premium For Free (2022)

As the name suggests, users here are asked to ‘go for gold. Readers can perform various tasks and challenges laid out by a topic starter – and when completed successfully (or first), you’ll receive a Reddit Gold or Reddit Platinum award – landing you some free time with the Reddit Premium subscription as well.

It’s a fairly popular subreddit with multiple posts every day, so make sure to refresh is on regularly.

These are examples of fun challenges you can complete, where the winner gets a month of Reddit Premium:

Two Legit Ways To Get Reddit Premium For Free (2022)

Identifying locations, introducing people to new songs, translating a sentence, making up a joke – the challenges are varied and overall a good way to kill some time too.

Two Legit Ways To Get Reddit Premium For Free (2022)

There is another subreddit that is fairly similar, called r/AwardBonanza.

Two Legit Ways To Get Reddit Premium For Free (2022)

The idea is the same – complete challenges (sometimes pretty cool and fun ones!) and you’ll receive an award or Reddit coins (which you can use to buy Premium). Argentium awards are even handed out regularly, netting you three months of free Reddit Premium.

Two Legit Ways To Get Reddit Premium For Free (2022)

People often say that Reddit can be a toxic and mean place sometimes, but the opposite is sometimes definitely true. Just check out how wholesome these Redditors are!


The two ways described above are the only ways to receive Reddit Premium in a legit manner. Simply post a lot of great content, and witty and funny comments, and try to complete some award challenges in special subreddits. Do this, and you’ll have some free Reddit Premium in no time!

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