Is Reddit Premium Really Worth It? (2022)

Is Reddit Premium Really Worth It? (2022)

Reddit Premium, is it really worth paying for? If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically Reddit’s paid subscription service that gives you a number of benefits on the website, such as ad-free browsing, a monthly allowance of Reddit Coins, and a ton of customization options for your own Reddit avatar.

But is Reddit Premium really worth it in 2022? Let’s take a look at everything that Premium has to offer.

How much does Reddit Premium cost?

If you’re wondering if Reddit Premium is worth the asking price, it might be interesting to know how much Reddit Premium actually costs.

Is Reddit Premium Really Worth It? (2022)

There are two options: a monthly subscription of $5.99 a month, or a yearly subscription of $49.99. You save about 30% if you opt for the annual plan.

If you’re up for a small (but fun) challenge, there are actually also legitimate ways to get Reddit Premium for free.

What exactly does Reddit Premium offer?

If we take a look at Reddit Premium, here’s what Reddit themselves have to say about their paid subscription service for the site:

Is Reddit Premium Really Worth It? (2022)

Let’s take a look at each individual aspect of the Reddit Premium subscription to see if they’re really worth the asking price.


Adless browsing is definitely a very nice bonus to have. As we all know, ads are annoying – but they also pay the bills for server infrastructure and staff. Without advertising, Reddit wouldn’t be alive anymore.

Is Reddit Premium Really Worth It? (2022)

Even though there are some ways to block ads on Reddit and the use of adblockers has increased in the past years, it is definitely the more ethical alternative and you know you’re still supporting Reddit and its platform, even without viewing obtrusive ads.

Is Reddit Premium Really Worth It? (2022)
Source: Chrome Extensions

Reddit Premium is also the only way to eliminate ads in Reddit’s mobile application – and that alone can make the paid subscription worth it for a lot of people. After all, consuming content and browsing Reddit is something we do a lot more on our phones these days.

Exclusive avatar gear

Granted – this perk of Reddit Premium will be a hit or miss for most people, but if you are interested in customizing your Reddit Snoo alien avatar, Reddit Premium really is the way to go.

Is Reddit Premium Really Worth It? (2022)
Source: Reddit on Twitter

Even though there are a decent amount of customization options for free users, Premium is really nice to have if you’re a creative person and want to style and personalize your Reddit avatar.

Is Reddit Premium Really Worth It? (2022)

There are truly hundreds of exclusive clothing items and accessories on Reddit Premium, as well as dozens of pre-made custom outfits. All the Premium-exclusive content is designed by the shield icon.

Even if you’re not too creative, you can just select an easy and quick cool outfit that matches your personality.

Is Reddit Premium Really Worth It? (2022)

Is the avatar gear worth it? It depends. If you’re a creative person and you like the Reddit avatar creator, you’ll definitely be happy with the benefits that Premium provides.

If you’re not really into that, perhaps the other Premium perks will be more worth it for you.

What happens with my Premium avatar if I don’t have Reddit Premium any more?

If you’ve selected a Premium avatar (or customized your character with Premium-exclusive gear), you will keep your custom avatar even if your subscription lapses. You can not choose other Premium items or edit your outfit, however.

700 Monthly Reddit Coins

As long as you’re a Premium member, you can also get 700 Reddit Coins every month. If you’re wondering what you can do with Reddit coins, you can check out our separate guide. Basically, you can use these coins to buy awards on Reddit – even that shiny Reddit Platinum Award if you’re willing to save up for it a bit.

With 700 Reddit Coins, you can award a user with one Gold Award (which will also get them a week of free Premium) and two Silver Awards. They’re considered as a thank you or a motivational boost.

Is Reddit Premium Really Worth It? (2022)

Let’s say someone created a post on Reddit that really entertained you or helped you out. Now you can show your gratitude by gifting them awards!

If we’d have to calculate the value of 700 Reddit Coins into dollars, it would be around $2 depending on which amount of Reddit Coins you purchase, as you get a bonus for larger amounts.

Exclusive Premium Awards

This one is pretty closely related to the previous one, in the way that you’ll unlock more awards if you’re a Premium user. Not awards for yourself, but awards you can give to other users.

As you can see, being a Reddit Premium member also means that you’re able to give back to the rest of the Reddit community.

Is Reddit Premium Really Worth It? (2022)

An added benefit of these Premium Awards? They absolutely stand out, because they’re a lot more shiny and noticeable than the regular awards.

This feature definitely doesn’t make Premium worth it on its own, but it’s a neat little extra that’s appreciated by some.

Access to an exclusive Members Lounge

With your Reddit Premium subscription, you also gain access to a sort of exclusive club of Redditors called the Members Lounge.

Did you know that the Members Lounge has been around for a long time? It was introduced back in 2009 as a way to gain more money from donations.

Whoever donated to support Reddit, was designed as a Charter Member and got access to this exclusive club. Nowadays, you can only get in via a Reddit Premium subscription.

Is Reddit Premium Really Worth It? (2022)

So what goes on in r/Lounge? Well, it’s a well-kept secret, so you’ll probably just have to see for yourself. It’s an unwritten rule of Reddit not to reveal any details about this exclusive subreddit, but Reddit administrators are generally more active there.

If you want to mingle with Reddit admins, the lounge is your best shot!

Custom App Icons for Premium users

This is probably only going to be interesting to you if you use Reddit’s official app on your smartphone, but it’s definitely a nice extra.

If you’re tired of that good old’ Reddit logo on your iPhone or Android device, why don’t you change it up a bit? There are a couple of exclusive app icons available to Premium users to change it up a little bit.

Here are some examples of the Premium icons, presented by Reddit themselves in the r/changelog subreddit.

Is Reddit Premium Really Worth It? (2022)

As you can see, Reddit also often introduces seasonal app icons. A Halloween or Christmas-themed Reddit icon? With Premium, it’s possible.

If you’re someone who’s into phone aesthetics, this neat little feature might just win you over.

Other features and small improvements

Even though it’s not prominently touted on Premium’s promotional page, being a Reddit Premium member does unlock some additional extra features on the website that’ll make browsing Reddit a little bit easier.

For example, there are additional filtering options when you’re browsing r/all (the front page). Only want to see posts made by other Premium members? You got it! Only want to see posts that are tagged as NSFW? No problem either!

Hot, Top, New, and Controversial are the standard options, but as a Premium user, you’ll be able to customize your front page to your liking.

Red White and Black Labeled Box

Speaking of the front page, there is also a “No New Posts” button that will appear as a Premium user, which allows you to ‘freeze’ your current /r/all page, so you can take your time to view everything without it refreshing with new content.

And if you don’t want to read the content that’s already on a certain subreddit, the “Mark all as read” button will definitely be your best friend as a Premium member.

Comments are also a little bit more useful and intuitive. You can install comment filters to filter out spam and trolls (it’s an easy way to get rid of some of Reddit’s toxicity).

Speaking of comments, there’s also an extensive threading functionality to keep track of your discussions, even if you’re not visiting that specific Reddit page. You’ll never have to miss a discussion while browsing whatever subreddit you want to!

Want to download images from a subreddit? As a Premium member, you won’t have to deal with watermarks anymore.

Your notifications are also a lot better: you can choose which notifications you’ll receive, and it’s easier to turn them off. Additionally, notifications will be less vague. If you’re mentioned by someone, for example, the notification will now immediately tell you who it was.

Is Reddit Premium Really Worth It? (2022)
Source: r/aww subreddit

Ever wanted a personal text flair on your Reddit profile? Premium is the only way to do so. Of course, you’ll also get a personal badge on your profile to show off your Premium subscriptions.

Even though Reddit is anything but Facebook, the website has introduced a sort of “Friends” feature which allows you to build up a network of Reddit friends.

An added benefit is that private chats (DM’s on Reddit) can now turn into group chats with more than 30 participants. A bit hectic perhaps, but it can be easy if you need to send the same message to a couple of Redditors.

black android smartphone on brown wooden table

You’ll also be able to control the font size of posts on Reddit, which works a lot better than just zooming in on the page.

Premium Redditors who are also moderators of very large subreddits will also receive more customization options for flair text and post filters.

As you can see, these small improvements definitely add up and do help to make Reddit Premium truly feel like, well, a premium experience.


Is Reddit Premium worth it? Well, it will depend from person to person, but if you take a look at everything that Premium has to offer, it’s hard to be disappointed.

We would definitely say that the adless browsing, the free coins you can spend on awards, and the additional avatar options are the best reasons to get a Premium subscription, but the small added features that make browsing on Reddit a little bit easier are definitely things that will make you appreciate Premium even more.

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