Reddit Manager Review: Is It Safe To Use? (2022)

Reddit Manager Review: Is It Safe To Use? (2022)

There’s no denying that Reddit can be an absolute mountain of information and entertaining content that you wish to revisit later, and that’s what the ‘saved posts’ feature is for.

Unfortunately, browsing your saved posts on Reddit and in the official applications is a little bit cumbersome, which is why other tools are available that manage all of your Reddit saved posts.

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Additionally, you can only have 1000 saved posts on Reddit as a maximum, and it will delete your oldest posts automatically if you exceed it. A saved post manager prevents this from happening.

One of the oldest saved post managers out there is simply called Reddit Manager, but is it safe to use, and do you have to worry about your personal data being leaked?

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Let’s find out.

What exactly is Reddit Manager?

Reddit Manager started as a very simple hobby project by an unknown developer. The developer wanted to hone his Node.js developing skills and decided to build something useful for one of the most popular websites on the internet, Reddit.

Reddit Manager Review: Is It Safe To Use? (2022)

“It started as a side project to learn Node.js, I love saving and bookmarking stuff. So naturally, an idea to build something that would help me manage information overload was my first project. I don’t and haven’t yet made any money from this. It’s something I think should exist, however.” – Reddit Manager developer

They decided to build Reddit Manager – the developer calls it the best way to manage saved posts, comments, and links on Reddit. Even if Reddit is acting slowly, you should still be able to view your Reddit Manager smoothly as it is a very lightweight application.

After you log in with your Reddit account, you can quickly search through all of your saved items, remove them, group them by a number of subcategories, quickly view their threads and export your saved posts to your computer – perfect if you consider yourself to be somewhat of an archivist.

When was Reddit Manager built?

Reddit Manager Review: Is It Safe To Use? (2022)

Reddit Manager was first made available in July of 2017 and has been around for more than half a decade. According to the developer, Reddit Manager took around three months to brainstorm and sketch, and the actual coding itself took about a month.

There has been a single developer on the project, although they have always been open to collaborating with other developers and/or designers for Reddit Manager or other projects.

The developer has mentioned on the FAQ page that development and updates of Reddit Manager have ceased, as they have moved on to another project.

Even though it isn’t an extremely popular tool, there have been no reports of troubles or suspicious activity regarding the application.

How does Reddit Manager work?

Reddit Manager Review: Is It Safe To Use? (2022)

Reddit Manager uses all the data from Reddit itself – it doesn’t store your data, it simply uses the Reddit API to retrieve that data from Reddit (the posts you’ve saved) and show it to you in a different manner.

As such, Reddit Manager does not have servers where it stores users’ saved posts – all that information remains on Reddit, not this application.

Your personal Reddit data is NOT stored on Reddit Manager’s servers.

Once you’re logged into Reddit Manager by giving the app authentication permissions (as seen in the image), it will show you a list of all your saved posts in an easily scrollable and simple overview.

Nothing fancy, as you can see, but it definitely does the trick.

Reddit Manager Review: Is It Safe To Use? (2022)

You can view all the different subreddits, categorize them, sort them by date added, delete them (posts you don’t want to see any more from toxic subreddits, for example), view the threads, and quickly export all of your saved posts to your computer.

Because Reddit Manager relies on Reddit’s API, you won’t be able to use it when Reddit is down, which happens quite often.

Reddit Manager is not meant to be used as a Reddit scraper or an offline archival tool – that’s what Bulk Downloader for Reddit is for.

Is Reddit Manager safe?

Even though Reddit Manager hasn’t been updated in a while, we can conclude that Reddit Manager is a safe application. It only uses the Reddit API and doesn’t store any of your profile’s information, which is why there are no vulnerability leaks in Reddit Manager.

Reddit Manager Review: Is It Safe To Use? (2022)

Storing this data would actually become an additional cost for the developer, and since Reddit Manager is already free, that wouldn’t be sustainable anyway.

Privacy is implemented here as a feature, not a bug.

In short, you have nothing to worry about.


If you’d like, you can definitely use Reddit Manager to help organize all of your saved posts on Reddit. It’s quick and easy to use, and since it doesn’t store your personal data, it’s also completely safe to use.

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