How to Upload a Video on TikTok From YouTube (3 Easy Steps)

How to Upload a Video on TikTok From YouTube (3 Easy Steps)

If you’re looking for an easy way to download a YouTube video and post it on TikTok, you’re in luck! With these three simple steps, you can quickly pick your favorite YouTube video and repost it on TikTok.

Why should you post a YouTube video on TikTok?

When you’re creating content, you generally want it to be seen by as many people as possible. So why not upload your YouTube videos to another platform, one that is hugely popular and has almost a billion active monthly users. Of course, we’re talking about TikTok.

How to Upload a Video on TikTok From YouTube (3 Easy Steps)

There are some differences between TikTok and YouTube videos. For starters, TikTok is really laser-focused on media consumption via mobile devices (smartphones and also tablets), while YouTube can be seen pretty much anywhere. Computers, smartphones, smartwatches, televisions, fridges – you name it. An important difference is that YouTube videos are often presented in widescreen and a landscape aspect ratio (16:9), while TikTok is optimized for vertical screens, such as your smartphone. The aspect ratio on TikTok is actually flipped 9:16. This is something that you’ll need to take into account when you’re reposting a regular YouTube video onto your TikTok profile. Another major difference is the time limit. TikToks can vary anywhere from fifteen seconds to three minutes in length, while YouTube doesn’t have such restrictions.

How to upload a YouTube video onto TikTok

First of all, if you’re the creator of the YouTube video, you can just start with the basic video file that you’ve uploaded to YouTube. That will save you the first step of actually downloading the video onto your device. In order to do this, we’ll need to go through three steps.

  1. Get or download the video onto your smartphone or tablet
  2. Edit the video to make sure that can you post it on TikTok
  3. Upload and post the video

Can you post any YouTube video on TikTok?

Generally, no, you can not – as that would be copyright infringement. Chances are that you won’t get in trouble for this, at least if your content is not monetized, as that would be profiting off someone’s content illegally. In the United States, there’s a fair use rule which lets you edit and post content, but laws and regulations can change and it’s a good idea to look this up specifically if you’d like to post someone else’s video on YouTube. If you have created the video or have permission, you can upload this to TikTok without a problem.

How to Upload a Video on TikTok From YouTube (3 Easy Steps)
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Step 1: Download or get the YouTube video on your device

The most important step is to actually have the video file. As previously mentioned, if you’re the creator of the video, simply transfer the video file you’ve uploaded on YouTube to your smartphone or tablet – easy as that! Can’t find your video file anymore? No worries. You can use the Video Manager in YouTube to download a copy of the video file you posted there.

If you’re using another YouTube video that was uploaded by someone else, you will have to download the YouTube video first. We recommend that you do this on a computer since it will be much easier. You can use Google to discover methods and programs to download these videos. After you’ve downloaded it onto your pc, connect your smartphone and transfer the video file into your gallery or camera roll.

Step 2: Edit the video so that it’s fully optimized for TikTok

Because of the differences between a regular video and a TikTok video, we’ll have to take care of those issues. For starters, it’s actually no problem to keep the original aspect wide aspect ratio of a YouTube video, just take into account that the screen will be quite small on TikTok with large black areas above and below the video, but it does give you the opportunity to write something in these empty places. Alternatively, you can also crop the video easily in the TikTok editor.

How to Upload a Video on TikTok From YouTube (3 Easy Steps)
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Another important thing is the length of a video. Chances are that your YouTube video is a lot longer than the three-minute time limit of TikTok, so you’ll have to split it up into multiple parts.

How do I split a TikTok video into multiple parts?

Luckily, the built-in TikTok editor really makes this easy. You can upload the full video file, wait until it processes, and simply select the time period of the video you wish to use. If you’re making a video in multiple parts because the video would be too long, pick the first three minutes for your first part, minute four until the end of minute six for the next part, and so on. You get the picture. The cropping and splitting process should be identical to the video editor on your phone, and everything is made perfectly clear in the app. You definitely don’t need specialized editing software to split your TikTok into multiple parts.

Step 3: Upload the video to TikTok

This step is pretty self-explanatory. If you’ve made it this far, this final step will just take a few seconds. After the video is processed and uploaded, it will be visible on TikTok. If you’ve split your video into parts, repeat step 2 until you’re done.

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