How Many Discord Servers Can You Join? (And How to Get Past The Limit)

How Many Discord Servers Can You Join? (And How to Get Past The Limit)

Discord is one of the most popular online chat programs out there, and there are literally millions of online chat communities and servers you can join. it does make you wonder, is there a maximum amount of Discord servers you can join, and if so, how many? Well, it turns out that a single Discord user can only join up to a hundred Discord servers, but let’s see if there’s anything you can do about that and why this limit has been instated in the first place.

A brief history of Discord

How Many Discord Servers Can You Join? (And How to Get Past The Limit)

Discord was founded back in 2012 and is almost 10 years old, and is currently in the hands of Discord Inc. There have been rumors about acquisitions recently, including by Microsoft, but it is still under independent control as of right now. Discord was initially marketed as a perfect chat application for gamers around the world (with gaming integrations, live streaming, bots…) but has gained mainstream popularity, especially since the coronavirus pandemic hit. Online communities can create their own servers (much like the subreddits from Reddit) and people can join and converse over there. It’s estimated that almost two hundred million users are active on the platform per month.

Is there a limit on joining Discord servers?

Unfortunately, there does seem to be a limit on joining Discord servers. At the time of writing, a single Discord user can only join a maximum of 100 Discord servers. Meaning if you’ve found yourself a hundred communities or servers you’d like to join, you’re going to be out of luck. One hundred is the maximum, even for paid Discord Nitro and Nitro Classic Users – there’s no distinction.

How Many Discord Servers Can You Join? (And How to Get Past The Limit)

Why is there a Discord server limit?

The Discord staff and support team have never given a clear response as to why users can only join a hundred servers, although they have answered similar questions before. When someone asked why there is a maximum amount of users on a Discord server (the other way around), the Support website states that there is a member cap to make sure that everyone on Discord has a great user experience.

It all comes down to complexity and bandwidth and sharing resources with other users: by ensuring that users can join a limitless amount of servers, it frees up Discord server resources for other purposes and users. In a way, it’s kind of a fair use policy – although plenty of people are complaining that only a hundred servers are not nearly sufficient.

Are there other Discord-related limits and server caps?

Yes, there are. The Discord Support website states that the regular server member size is limited to about 100,000 members. You can have up to a hundred thousand users on a server, but once you reach this milestone, it is time to talk to Discord support to up the server cap. After submitting a request, a team member of Discord will take a look at the application and increase the member cap to 250,000 members if all the criteria are met. This is a completely free process, no paid Nitro subscriptions or Server Boosts are needed.

How Many Discord Servers Can You Join? (And How to Get Past The Limit)

Additionally, servers can only handle a maximum of 5000 online users. When this threshold is reached, you should also get in touch with Discord support to move your server onto faster hardware – this will all be fixed by the support staff. You will likely hit this milestone around the same time as you’ll exceed the server cap. Servers can also have a maximum of 250 roles and no more than 500 channels. Once there are over a thousand members in a Discord server community, the list of offline people will no longer be displayed (since it would be very lengthy).

What happens when you try to join more than 100 Discord servers?

You’ll be met with a simple error message that says “Invite expired”. It’s a bit unfortunate that the software doesn’t exactly tell you why you can join it, as the reason here is clearly that you’ve hit the maximum allowed servers.

How Many Discord Servers Can You Join? (And How to Get Past The Limit)

How to join more than 100 Discord servers

Unfortunately, with the same Discord user, there is simply no method to join more than a hundred online Discord chat communities. Not even upgrading to a paid subscription will help – nobody can breach this threshold.

The simple and fast solution?

You’ll just have to create a secondary Discord account. It may be cumbersome, but it’s the only way that works if you want to join more than a hundred servers. At this point, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to try and organize your Discord servers as well. Perhaps some of them have gotten inactive in the past, or have become redundant.

Happy Discording!

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