How Long Does It Take For TikTok To Review a Video (Updated 2022)

How Long Does It Take For TikTok To Review a Video (Updated 2022)

If you want to become famous on TikTok, there’s really one golden rule: just post as much content as you can, and think about high-quality videos and concepts. However, sometimes, your videos can get flagged by the community or by TikTok’s automated systems, and they can’t be published right away. When this happens, your TikTok video is under review.

Apparently, the amount of people who see the notification of being under review has increased lately, something that is perhaps because of the sheer growth and popularity of the app. However, if you just post regular, legal content that adheres to TikTok’s policies, having your videos under review can definitely be very frustrating.

Why does TikTok have to review videos?

Sometimes, content is flagged or reported, and the people over at TikTok want to make sure that your video is okay to watch for the rest of the TikTok community. After all, they wouldn’t want to have illegal content on their application (such as nudity, guns, gambling, drugs…) and those videos will be blocked on the app without hesitation. A DeepTok video that went too far can also be a reason why videos are put under review. Another reason why TikTok videos can be under review is due to copyright issues. TikTok could potentially get into a lot of trouble if this content gets on their app, and they want to make sure that everything stays clean.

How Long Does It Take For TikTok To Review a Video (Updated 2022)

One of the downsides of that, however, is that more videos tend to be ‘flagged’ and put under review than necessary, as an ultimate safety precaution. Also, keep in mind that only people who are 13 years and above can use the app, so anything that gets posted on TikTok must be suitable for all audiences.

How long does it take for TikTok to process a video under review?

It appears that the answers to this question vary a little bit. Personally, I’ve had videos reviewed within two workdays or roughly 48 hours, but there have been a lot of mentions and comments of TikTok users on other social media that the review process takes a while longer. For example, on Reddit, people are complaining that the review process can even take up to a week – causing their video to be delisted from the app or being shadowbanned for a relatively long time period.

How Long Does It Take For TikTok To Review a Video (Updated 2022)

In some of the same discussions, other users are reporting that they’ve had plenty of success with the review appeal, sometimes even taking a mere two hours.

How Long Does It Take For TikTok To Review a Video (Updated 2022)

In short, it can take anywhere from two hours up to a full week for TikTok to review your video. Your mileage may vary obviously, but it all depends on how busy the review team is at that moment.

What to do when my video is accidentally flagged on TikTok in 2022

Unfortunately, there isn’t really a lot that you can do to fix this, except for waiting. When a video gets flagged or gets put under review, you’ll see a notification from the TikTok team. Click on it, and you’ll be able to appeal the flag, and get your video back online and remove the shadowban. You’ll also be able to write a comment, simply explain why you believe this video was falsely flagged and put under review to improve your chances of a positive outcome. Either way, it can take a while before the appeal gets processed and reviewed by the TikTok staff members.

How Long Does It Take For TikTok To Review a Video (Updated 2022)

Why is my TikTok video under review and how to fix it

There are a number of reasons why your TikTok video could’ve been flagged, but we’ll go over the four main things why TikTok may have decided to shadowban your videos until further review.

1) When your videos show violence

If there’s blood and/or violence in your TikTok video, chances are it won’t be available for long. Fictional violence also applies to this. Remember that there are kids on the app, which is why violence is heavily frowned upon.

2) Copyright infringement or issues

You can use all kinds of popular songs via TikTok itself, but if you violate someone’s copyright, your video might be put under review and eventually deleted. Don’t share video fragments of tv shows or use music you’re not supposed to, and you want to have any issues with intellectual property claims. The holders of the copyrighted content can request to take your video down, and in some countries, even pursue legal action.

3) Promoting crimes or misconduct, gambling, addiction

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You can’t promote or feature crimes, since this would be a horrible influence for all of the children and teens on the app. Stay away from sensitive topics such as drugs, addictions, and gambling as well.

4) Adult content

The fourth and final reason speaks for itself too. The age limit of TikTok is set at thirteen years and above, meaning you can not post adult content of any kind on your TikTok pages. Pornography and explicit descriptions of sexual acts are prohibited. A lot of TikTokkers will try to creatively resolve this problem by creating new words or by removing certain letters to bend the rules. For example, “seggs” or “**x” instead of the regular word.

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