Here’s How To Get Karma On Reddit Without Posting (2022)

Here’s How To Get Karma On Reddit Without Posting (2022)

Can you actually get free karma on Reddit without making great posts or comments that get upvoted by other Redditors? Turns out that there’s one way to increase your karma levels very easily and quickly, but how well does it work? Let’s take an in-depth look at this method, including the pros and cons of increasing your Reddit karma without posting.

How can you get Reddit karma?

The only way to get Reddit karma is by posting great content on Reddit – whether it’s posts or comments if other Reddit users appreciate your content, they can choose to upvote this.

Here's How To Get Karma On Reddit Without Posting (2022)

These upvotes are then translated into Reddit karma, which is displayed on your Reddit profile.

People with more karma are generally more respected on Reddit and have access to some karma-restricted subreddits.

Here's How To Get Karma On Reddit Without Posting (2022)

Most regular subreddits also have a minimum karma requirement before you can actually post in there, which is why plenty of people are looking for ways to gain karma on Reddit without actually posting.

Here's How To Get Karma On Reddit Without Posting (2022)

The special subreddit /r/CenturyClub even requires you to have over 100K karma before you’re even allowed in!

Posting great posts and comments can be tedious, but there might be another way to increase your karma score nonetheless.

Here’s how to get karma on Reddit by using Free Karma subreddits

It turns out that there are a lot of people who have the issue of insufficient karma, but a couple of Redditors got together and decided to create a sort of ‘solution’ for this.

You can get karma relatively easily by visiting the “r/FreeKarma4U” subreddit. It’s a community with almost half a million Redditors where the main goal is to help people gain more upvotes.

Here's How To Get Karma On Reddit Without Posting (2022)

“We get it, getting karma points on Reddit can be extremely tricky. That’s why we’re here!” the subreddit reads.

There’s no minimum karma limit on there, so you can post even though you only have 1 Reddit karma.

In short, here’s how it works:

  1. Visit the r/FreeKarma4U subreddit.
  2. Read the subreddit’s rules just to make sure you understand how everything works.
  3. Post an image, a photograph, a meme, or another picture of some sort.
  4. When your post is submitted, wait for other people to upvote your post and/or your comments.
  5. Upvote and comment on posts made by other users for a greater chance of success.

Here's How To Get Karma On Reddit Without Posting (2022)

As you can see – you do have to post on this subreddit, so it’s not exactly earning karma ‘without posting’. However, since it’s a very low effort and only takes half a minute, we can definitely consider this to be an effective method to gain Reddit karma without posting ‘normal’ content.

Why do you have to post a picture, you might add?

Well, it turns out that it’s a way to comply with Reddit’s terms and conditions. Karma collecting with low-effort posts is against the rules – but posting a picture bypasses this.

It also prevents bots from spamming these subreddits, as that isn’t really the intention either.

How much karma can you get by using the FreeKarma subreddit?

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Well, it mostly depends on how often you use it, of course, but a quick look on the front page definitely shows that there are numerous people with hundreds of upvotes – and that’s not counting the karma gained from comments.

What are the caveats of the FreeKarma4U subreddit?

Even though the subreddit definitely works as advertised and will likely get you enough karma to start posting around in your favorite subreddits, there are some very important caveats to consider.

For starters, the subreddit has basically become an NSFW place.

Here's How To Get Karma On Reddit Without Posting (2022)

What do we mean by this? It turns out users have discovered that nudity sells, and there are a ton of posts on there that ask for upvotes.

The image, it’s usually an adult picture. Luckily, all those 18+ posts are tagged as ‘NSFW’, but it’s not exactly a family-friendly subreddit either.

Secondly, some subreddits heavily frown upon the use of the FreeKarma4U subreddit, up to the point where they will even ban users for participating in this.

Just check out this message from a Redditor:

Here's How To Get Karma On Reddit Without Posting (2022)
Source: Reddit

This user was banned from a regular (family-friendly) subreddit because they posted to /r/FreeKarma4U a long time ago.

Another user added their experience in the comments section and said that they were banned from /r/offmychest for the exact same reason.

Reddit user ThatLittlePlop even said the following:

“As someone pretty active on r/freekarma4U I have so many regrets.”

In short, we do not recommend using this subreddit for the above reason. Only if you need the karma quickly and the subreddits you’re interested in won’t mind, can this method be quite useful.

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Yes, there is a way to get karma on Reddit without creating great posts or comments, and it involves a Free Karma subreddit. However – those free karma subreddits come with certain caveats that you’ll have to keep in mind. We would recommend getting Reddit karma using the good old way instead.

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