Everything You Need To Know About The RoVer Discord Bot for Roblox

Everything You Need To Know About The RoVer Discord Bot for Roblox

Did you know that Discord and Roblox can actually go hand in hand? The former is one of the most popular communication platforms today with millions of users, and Roblox is an online game that has recently spiked in popularity and is played by a huge amount of people as well. The RoVer Discord bot aims to bring both groups together and provides an easy method to link a Roblox community to a Discord server. But how does it all work, who made RoVer, is it safe to use, how do you set it up and verify accounts, and is it the best Roblox Discord bot out there?

Don’t worry – we’ve got it covered. Check out our full overview and review of the RoVer Discord bot below.

About Discord and Roblox

Before we get into the specifics of RoVer itself, it’s probably a good idea to catch up on the two main players in the story, namely Discord, and Roblox. Discord was founded in 2012 and was built as a versatile and all-in-one communication tool with gamers in mind, although the company has recently tried to gain a more mainstream audience as well, a mission that most definitely succeeded, partly because everyone wanted to hop into an online community when the coronavirus pandemic first hit the world.

Everything You Need To Know About The RoVer Discord Bot for Roblox
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On the other hand, we have Roblox. It has actually been around for quite some time and was released a couple of years after the millennium switch, but the game has been reworked and largely updated in the past few years. It now has a heavy emphasis on mobile players and is also known for a rather young audience. The game also has its own in-game currency called Robux, which players can use to purchase virtual items in the game such as costumes or add-ons.

What is RoVer?

In short, RoVer is a Discord verification bot for Roblox accounts. This means that Roblox users can easily come together in an online free Discord to be able to communicate outside of the game, and Discord is a widely-used communication app anyway, which makes talking to each other a lot easier.

Everything You Need To Know About The RoVer Discord Bot for Roblox
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The verification bot is particularly useful because it acts as a sort of control system, meaning that you can link Roblox usernames with Discord usernames, and immediately give them a Discord role when they get verified. The administrators of the Discord server can then choose a certain nickname for individual persons or groups in Discord.

At the time of writing, almost 4,5 million Roblox users (or as they like to call it, Robloxians) have been verified via the RoVer app, making it one of the most popular Discord integrations for the game.

Hox to get verified on RoVer?

Everything You Need To Know About The RoVer Discord Bot for Roblox
Source: rover.link

Luckily, the verification process when the RoVer bot is used on a server is pretty easy and simple. Just head over to verify.eryn.io (or use the link that’s specified by the Discord bot, as it will spit out instructions) and you’ll see the screen above. Simply Sign In with Discord, and the process will do the rest. It only takes a minute and you’ll be assigned a Discord role almost immediately. It’s really that easy!

How to install and add RoVer to a Discord server

The answer is actually pretty similar to the last question because it couldn’t be any more straightforward. On RoVer’s website, you’ll see a big “Add to server” button. When you press this, you’ll be asked to log in to your Discord account, and then you’ll have to choose the Discord server in question you want to use for your Roblox community. The installation process only takes up a couple of minutes and is really straightforward.

Is RoVer safe to use?

RoVer is an absolutely safe Discord bot and application, and there are multiple reasons for this. For starters, Discord bots usually don’t pose any harm to a server or its users, as you can read in our dedicated article.

Additionally, RoVer is completely open-source, meaning that anyone could check the code of the Discord bot and verify that there’s nothing wrong with it. It can be checked at any time, and open source software is usually seen as one of the best methods to increase the transparency and safety of an app. Additionally, RoVer is being used by literally thousands of servers, who haven’t reported any safety issues whatsoever. The bot is being developed by a couple of people, which you can completely verify on the GitHub page. Since the code is also freely available to everyone, you can also self-host RoVer on a host of your choice, meaning that you’re in full control.

What Is RoVer Plus?

Everything You Need To Know About The RoVer Discord Bot for Roblox
Source: rover.link

Even though RoVer is open source, the developers have also created a premium, paid tier for their service, which is called RoVer Plus. With Plus, which is 6 dollars or about 5 euros a month, you can use additional features such as bulk updates (up to a thousand people with a single command), updates for users can now occur automatically instead of running a command and role bindings are now unlimited. Also helpful: there is priority support from RoVer developers and staff in case you encounter any problems, and there is also better uptime as Plus services are hosted on a dedicated server.

RoVer vs Bloxlink: which is the better Discord bot?

The main competitor of RoVer is Bloxlink, a similar Discord bot that’s aimed toward Roblox gamers who use the chat app. We’ve actually covered Bloxlink before in a similar article, which you can check out here: Everything you need about Bloxlink.

All You Need To Know About Bloxlink, The Roblox Discord Bot

In short, Bloxlink does seem to offer a bit more features and is also used by more people, but the open-source aspect of RoVer and the fact that you can self-host it are definitely benefits. If you’re only looking for a verification bot, you can’t really go wrong with RoVer.

Summary: all you need to know about RoVer

If you play a lot of Roblox and wish to migrate that community towards Discord, a bot is definitely a must-have. With its super easy install and verification process, robust security, and decent documentation, it is definitely worth a try.

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