All You Need To Know About Bloxlink, The Roblox Discord Bot

All You Need To Know About Bloxlink, The Roblox Discord Bot

Roblox is one of the most popular free-to-play multiplayer games out there, and Discord is without a doubt the preferred method of communication for gamers around the world. Why not combine both? With certain Discord bots that focus on Roblox integration, you can do exactly that. Bloxlink promises to offer the best and largest Discord bot service out there, and it’s also the most popular one available with over six million registered users. They even offer a paid premium tier for the most demanding users and online Roblox communities.

However, you might have a lot of questions about the Discord bot integration. For example, is Bloxlink safe? How exactly does it work? How can you verify Bloxlink accounts via Discord? And why should you even need Bloxlink? Let’s find out all about it in our detailed overview.

What is Discord?

All You Need To Know About Bloxlink, The Roblox Discord Bot

Discord, founded in 2012 by Discord Inc., is now one of the most popular communication platforms around the world, with an estimated 170 million monthly active users. It was first marketed towards the gamer demographic, which means that it fits perfectly with online gaming communities such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and of course, Roblox. However, the company has recently announced that it aims to appeal to a more mainstream audience, although plenty of core features tailored for gaming are still very much present. Users can create their own server to form a community, and there are also countless Discord bots available which allow you to integrate with other applications, such as Bloxlink.

What is Roblox?

All You Need To Know About Bloxlink, The Roblox Discord Bot

Of course, Discord and Bloxlink aren’t the only protagonists in the story here. After all, the Bloxlink bot was specifically made for one very popular game on PC and mobile devices: Roblox. The free-to-play title has actually been around since 2004 but has recently seen a massive resurgence and newfound popularity among younger users. The company even went public and has made waves on the stock market ever since.

What exactly is Bloxlink?

All You Need To Know About Bloxlink, The Roblox Discord Bot

Bloxlink promises to be a free-to-use integration bot that acts as a bridge between a Discord server and an online Roblox community. After installing Bloxlink, you’ll easily be able to verify your Roblox users via the chat application, and there is a bunch of handy automation built-in that can make your life easier. The developers of Bloxlink promise to offer the best bot on the market, and it seems like the people who are looking for a Roblox-Discord integration seem to agree: the bot has been installed on no less than 300,000 Discord servers and covers more than 18 million users in total.

Why should you use a Roblox bot such as Bloxlink?

All You Need To Know About Bloxlink, The Roblox Discord Bot

Bots such as Bloxlink aren’t meant to be incredibly complex systems, but they do aid players and moderators to help organize their Discord communities. For example, you can easily check which users are banned in the game, check out different groups, see which game types are played, and more – all from the comfort of your separate Discord server. This is especially useful if you want to check on these things and don’t have the game open. Another added benefit is that you can use Discord pretty much everywhere, so having a bot like this around can definitely come in handy.

Tutorial: How to use Bloxlink and install it onto your Discord server

Luckily, the installation and setup process for Bloxlink is very easy, and it’s even laid out perfectly on the official Bloxlink website. First of all, make sure that there’s already a Discord server online where you’d like to use this bot, and also make sure that you have full administrator rights over it. Use the large “Connect to Discord” button on their website, which will prompt a Discord log-in pop-up. Simply log in with your credentials and assign the server you want to use. You can also use the “!invite” command to invite the bot onto your Discord server.

What are the Bloxlink commands can you use with the bot?

For example, you could use the “!robloxsearch” command in Discord to check up on the information of a specific Roblox user. Want to know what the Discord ID or username is and you do know the Roblox username? “!reversesearch” will help you out. Want to make a certain player an administrator on Discord, or any other role? There’s the “!bind” command for that. As you can see, every command starts with an exclamation mark, which is pretty common when using Discord bots. These roles can be bound with simple prompts, and everything is explained thoroughly through the bot itself, as you can see in the screenshot below.

A useful tip: use the “!commands” command to get an overview of all available commands. You definitely don’t need to memorize them all!

How to verify your Roblox account on Bloxlink

All You Need To Know About Bloxlink, The Roblox Discord Bot

Luckily, the verification process on Discord is incredibly easy if you just follow the instructions below. After Bloxlink has been installed on the Discord server, you’ll be able to use a simple verification method that the bot will explain in the Discord chat. Basically, you’ll just have to enter your Roblox Username, and either choose either the game verification or the code verification method. As the name suggests, you’ll be able to verify your account in a Roblox game with the first option, while you’ll receive a code with the second option. The whole process only takes up a couple of seconds, making the verification process on Bloxlink very fast and easy.

With the gamepass command and prompt, you can easily bind someone’s Roblox gamepass to a role in Discord after they’ve been verified. You can also do this in bulk for certain Discord groups as a whole. One of the cool things about Bloxlink is that these bindings are actually highly customizable, and pretty much automatic. Moderators can choose how and what criteria are used to assign Discord roles to Roblox users.

For example, if there’s are Roblox users out there who deserve special treatment in the Discord server (because they donate, for example), it only takes a couple of clicks before the Bloxlink bot can assign a role.

All You Need To Know About Bloxlink, The Roblox Discord Bot

What if Bloxlink verify isn’t working?

Unfortunately, it can happen that some services are dealing with technical issues or downtime. Luckily, you should easily be able to see if there’s something wrong with the bot’s servers on the Bloxlink official website or Twitter account. If the Bloxlink verify feature still isn’t working, we suggest that you try again sometime later or that you choose the other verification option (so either game verification or code verification).

What happens if Bloxlink is offline?

Unfortunately, you can not use Bloxlink (or any Discord features) offline. The bot as well as the chat service rely on an internet connection in order to work properly. If Bloxlink itself is offline, please check their official Twitter account to see if there are any known issues with availability. If a better and/or guaranteed bot uptime is important to you, you might be interested in the paid tier of Bloxlink, which we’ve detailed at the bottom of this article.

Is Bloxlink safe or is it a dangerous virus?

You definitely don’t need to worry about Bloxlink being a virus or any other kind of malicious software. As it is one of the most popular Discord bots around with literally millions of users, plenty of people would’ve already complained if that were the case. Additionally, Discord bots usually don’t form any serious kind of security threat, as we’ve explained in our detailed article: Can Discord Bots Hack You?

However, it is still incredibly important that you use common sense when you’re installing Discord bots in general. Don’t give any more permissions to the bots than needed, and also make sure that whoever has administrative roles in the server doesn’t have any malicious intent.

In short, you don’t have to worry about Bloxlink, in particular, and it is definitely not a virus either.

How to keep unwanted users from your Discord server with Bloxlink

With a feature that Bloxlink calls Roblox-based server restrictions, you can pretty much make your Discord server an automated invite-only system that checks Roblox users before they are entered into the group. This can be particularly useful if you want to impose an age limit, for example, or if you’re worried that spies from rival Roblox clans or groups would invade the Discord server to gather information about game strategy.

Is there a Bloxlink support server?

There isn’t a specific support server about Bloxlink, but if you encounter any issues at all, you can always send the Bloxlink team a message or ask your question in the general Bloxlink Discord chat about the bot. There will be plenty of community members who will be more than willing to help out, and it’s also a good method to check if Bloxlink is offline or not.

All You Need To Know About Bloxlink, The Roblox Discord Bot

Is Bloxlink free or paid? What exactly is Bloxlink Premium and what are the perks?

The main features of Bloxlink are fully free to use, just like Discord. However, if you’d like to support the developers of this Discord bot and you’re also interested in some extra perks, there’s an option to subscribe to their Patreon account. It’ll cost you around six dollars per month plus VAT, and comes with a whole bunch of benefits.

Bloxlink Pro will allow a bunch more binds on your Discord server, and you also customize the responses that the Bloxlink bot gives to the server members. Rank updates also happen instantly, and it’s much easier to enforce a minimum age limit. There might be more additional features, as the developers constantly keep working on the app. There is also support for a lot more groups and restrictions on your Discord server.

You can also customize the appearance of the bot, changing its avatar and name. This is effectively a full white label, and you can use the “!whitelabel” command for this. The names of Magic Commands can also be changed with a paid subscription.

Perhaps one of the most important features of Bloxlink Pro or Bloxlink Premium is the ability to create backups of all bot and server data and restore it at a later point.

Whether or not Bloxlink Premium is worth it, really depends on the needs of your server. After you’ve successfully subscribed through Patreon, there’s a specific premium command you can use to enable the paid functionalities.

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