Everything You Need To Know About Ayana, The Discord Music Bot

Everything You Need To Know About Ayana, The Discord Music Bot

Ayana is one of the more popular bots on Discord that is specifically aimed towards playing music and customizability. At the moment, almost a million servers on Discord are using Ayana, mostly because of its many free features and fairly powerful moderation tools for whoever runs the Discord server. In this overview, we’ll take a look at everything that Ayana has to offer and answer the many questions that may arise when using Ayana. For example, what features do you get with Ayana Pro, what are some of the popular commands, how do you add the Ayana bot to Discord, is there a full command list for Ayana, and is it safe to use?

About Discord

Everything You Need To Know About Ayana, The Discord Music Bot
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Discord is one of the more popular communication platforms at the moment, with hundreds of millions of monthly active users. Originally founded with the gamer audience in mind back in 2012, Discord and its company has grown immensely and is now also popular with a more mainstream audience. Out of the many features of Discord, the ability to use Discord bots to customize your Discord server experience is probably one of the more interesting ones. You could use things such as Ayana to add functionality to a server, and in Ayana’s case, to provide people with the possibility to request and play music directly on Discord.

What does Ayana do in a nutshell?

The developers of Ayana call it a music Discord bot with powerful customization abilities, and even though that there are a lot of Discord music bots out there, Ayana tries to distinguish itself from the competition with easy to use commands and controls, but on the other side, also powerful moderation tools to take control of a Discord community.

Everything You Need To Know About Ayana, The Discord Music Bot
source: ayana.io

Can you use Ayana in multiple languages?

Yes! The bot comes with built-in support for different languages, there is a simple “=locale set LANGUAGE” command to switch to another lingo of your choosing. At the moment, not every language is supported, but you can always help with translating to make the free Discord even more multilingual. You can apply to translate for Ayana over here.

How do you install Ayana on a Discord server?

Luckily, installing Ayana is extremely easy, and it only takes a couple of seconds as well. Simply head over to the official Ayana website, and click the ‘Invite’ button underneath the title. When you click the Community Server button, it’ll redirect you to the general Discord server of the Ayana community.

After you click the Invite button, you’ll see a Discord prompt showing up in your browser. Make sure you’re logged into the correct account, and that you have admin rights over the Discord server you want the install the music bot to. The screen will look like this:

Everything You Need To Know About Ayana, The Discord Music Bot

After you choose your Discord server, you’ll need to go over all the permissions that the bot needs and requires. Make sure that the bot is given the appropriate rights, and you can always restrict permissions if you’d like. When you’re done, the Ayana bot will be invited to your server and you can start using it.

Everything You Need To Know About Ayana, The Discord Music Bot
source: ayana.io

 What are some of the popular prefixes and commands for Ayana?

As you can expect, Discord bots come packed with a whole bunch of commands and prefixes to use. It might seem a little intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, everything tends to go smoothly and fast.

One of the most used commands of the bot, of course, is to play music. Aside from that and its main purpose, you’ll actually find that Ayana is a pretty fun bot with plenty of possibilities. Want to post a picture of an animal? With Ayana, you totally can. Simply hit =dog, =mouse, =monkey, or whatever animal you’d like and they’ll show up in the chat. Pretty neat, right?

You can even slap someone virtually! If this sounds interesting, you’ll probably fall in love with the =slap command. Need to flip a coin? =flipcoin. Or perhaps you’re interested in what a fortune cookie has to tell you? =fortune will reveal all of the bot’s secrets. There are also a bunch of commands related to emotions and memes. For example, there’s =insult and =kiss. You can use these prefixes to mention users and insult them. You can see a full list of the Ayana commands on the official website documentation page.

How to play music on Ayana with commands

One of the main features of course – this is a Discord music bot after all – is to jam around in a server and play some tunes and beats. The most important one, perhaps, is “=music”, as it explains all the available commands related to music. Want to play a certain artist or song? Simply type in “=m play song/title”. If you’d like to jam to Netsky, you’d want to type in “=m play Netsky”. Simple enough, right? With the “=m skip” command, you can skip a song, and you can use the “=m purge” command to get rid of all the songs that are currently queued.

Is Ayana for Discord safe or is it a virus?

If you’d like to use Ayana, there is definitely no need to worry. The Discord bot has been used by almost a million Discord servers and a lot more individual users, and there have never been any negative reports about Ayana so far. Furthermore, Discord bots should be considered quite safe, especially if you check and control all the permissions that are required. You can read more about the safety of Discord bots and if they can hack you in our dedicated article below.

What is Ayana PRO and what are the paid perks and benefits?

If you’d like to have even more features, the developers also offer a paid version called Ayana PRO. It is available through a Patreon subscription and costs 5 dollars for a single server, plus VAT. There is a combo package of 20 dollars a month, which allows you to use Ayana PRO on six separate Discord servers.

Everything You Need To Know About Ayana, The Discord Music Bot
source: ayana.io

So what are some of the cool perks you get as a paid Pro user? The main perk is the ability to configure your music volume, as it does tend to get quite loud under the standard settings. The music queue size has also been upgraded from 250 to over a thousand, and you’ll also get some fancy roles (read: bragging rights) on the official Ayana Discord server. The developers also promise to release more exclusive Ayana  Pro exclusive features in the future. Additionally, you’ll get better support as a Pro user, first priority service when it comes to uptime, and there are also fewer restrictions when you use the API, which can come in handy if you’re a developer that likes to tinker with things.


Ayana is a function-packed and useful Discord music bot, with plenty of features for moderation as well as fun stuff such as posting memes, images, and more. There’s also a paid PRO tier, although the regular free version will suffice for most. The music commands are simple and smooth. In short, we definitely recommend this Discord bot for music purposes. If you’ve got any additional questions about Ayana, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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